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Redding, CA

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Kill Masters has been serving the Redding, CA area for over 20 years. Pest Control, Pest Exclusion (keeping them out of your house in the first place) and other services.

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Redding Pest Control - Locally owned. David Lawrence is the Kill Master. 

Redding Pest Control Services

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Redding CA Pest Control Services

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Want to feel safe and sound at home?  Let us be your pest control and increase your peace of mind. We think about the things you never have to. We keep the bugs out and your family safe inside. Your local pest control service provider helps annihilate ants, spiders, rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, and other insects and pests.  Even before you have issues, we can help take preventative measures against termites and other creepy crawly creatures by inspecting your home, place of business, or property. We can clearly communicate any problems, issues, or potential infestation points but will never over-dramatize your problem to make a buck. We kill all forms of insects, but not at your expense. For over 20 years we've served the Redding area with a cost effective service that is still the top notch professional pest control service in Redding. Call or contact us today for a consultation.